JavaGeom 0.11.1 released

JavaGeom 0.11.1 has been released on 2012.09.23.

This version is mainly consolidating the changes in interface and renaming introduced in 0.11.0, fixes some bugs and introduces some new features, and provides a more complete API documentation.

From the 0.11.0 release, many method and class names have been changed, resulting in a shorter and clearer API. Several new methods have also been added, and many bugs fixed. Among new features (from 0.11.0):

As usual, you can download the latest release. The Javadoc API has also been updated.

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The aim of JavaGeom is to provide methods to easily perform geometric computations, such as intersections of lines, clipping of polygons, transformation shapes, perimeter and area computations...

You can consult the features page for more details. A small tutorial introduces the programming concepts of the library. Some help is provided on the documentation page.

The library can be downloaded using the download page of the project hosted on sourceforge.