Objectives for version 1.0

The aim of the library is to provide a collection of shapes that can be manipulated and processed in many ways: clipping, affine transforms. The different families of shapes planned are:

In addition to these features, composition of several shapes is planned, to manipulate collection of shapes, or complex boundaries composed of different types of curves.

The library will include classes which are not shapes, like

State of implementation

Many geometrical primitives are already provided. The Geometrical shapes are classified according to their inner dimension:

In addition to shapes, helper classes are:

You may also consult the Javadoc generated html, which provides an overview of the possibilities.

The software is still largely in development, and many functions are not yet implemented.

Examples of use

The demo page shows some examples of application of the library for geometrical problems.

Moreover, the library was used to developed other open-source projects: