Package math.geom2d.domain

Definition of planar domains, and basic implementations.


Interface Summary
Boundary2D A Boundary2D is the curve which defines the contour of a domain in the plane.
ContinuousOrientedCurve2D Defines a part of the boundary of a planar domain.
Contour2D A continuous oriented curve which delimits a connected planar domain.
Domain2D Interface for shapes that draws an 'interior' and an 'exterior'.
DomainSet2D<T extends Domain2D> General interface for a set of domains, that is itself a domain.
OrientedCurve2D An OrientedCurve2D defines an 'inside' and an 'outside'.
SmoothContour2D Tagging interface to represent in unified way smooth curves that are also contours.
SmoothOrientedCurve2D Interface for smooth and oriented curves.

Class Summary
Boundaries2D Collects some useful methods for operating on boundary curves.
BoundaryPolyCurve2D<T extends ContinuousOrientedCurve2D> A single continuous oriented curve, which defines the boundary of a planar domain.
ContourArray2D<T extends Contour2D> A ContourArray2D is a set of contours.
DomainArray2D<T extends Domain2D> An array of domains.
GenericDomain2D A domain defined from its boundary.
PolyOrientedCurve2D<T extends ContinuousOrientedCurve2D> A PolyOrientedCurve2D is a set of piecewise smooth curve arcs, such that the end of a curve is the beginning of the next curve, and such that they do not intersect nor self-intersect.

Package math.geom2d.domain Description

Definition of planar domains, and basic implementations.

Contains the definition of Domain2D, the main interface for domains, and several implementations.