JavaGeom API

math.geom2d Planar geometry toolbox.
math.geom2d.circulinear Definition of circulinear shapes and some implementations.
math.geom2d.circulinear.buffer Computation of buffer for circulinear shapes.
math.geom2d.conic Definition of various conic curves like circles, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas, and their respective arcs.
math.geom2d.curve Curves interface hierarchy, and implementations of curve sets and various poly-curves.
math.geom2d.domain Definition of planar domains, and basic implementations.
math.geom2d.grid Infinite grids with various geometries (square, triangle).
math.geom2d.line Implementations of 'linear shapes', i.e. curves which can be embedded into a straight lines, like straight lines, line segments, or rays.
math.geom2d.point Data structures for point sets.
math.geom2d.polygon Definitions and implementations of shapes composed several line segments: polylines, rings, polygons.
math.geom2d.polygon.convhull Convex hull computation.
math.geom2d.spline Bezier curves, and more generally polynomial curves.
math.geom2d.transform Contains interface hierarchy for planar transforms, and implementations for specialized transforms.
math.geom2s Spherical geometry toolbox.
math.geom3d Spatial geometry toolbox.
math.geom3d.curve Spatial geometry toolbox.
math.geom3d.line Spatial geometry toolbox.
math.geom3d.plane Spatial geometry toolbox.
math.geom3d.transform Spatial geometry toolbox.
math.utils Utilitary classes, mainly a Matrix class.