Package math.geom2d

Planar geometry toolbox.


Interface Summary
GeometricObject2D Grouping interface for all objects operating on Euclidean plane.
Shape2D Main interface for all geometric objects, including points, lines, curves, or planar regions...
ShapeSet2D<T extends Shape2D> A shape that is composed of several other shapes.

Class Summary
AffineTransform2D Base class for generic affine transforms in the plane.
Angle2D This class is only devoted to static computations.
Box2D This class defines bounds of a shape.
Point2D A point in the plane defined by its 2 Cartesian coordinates x and y.
ShapeArray2D<T extends Shape2D> Default Implementation of ShapeSet2D.
Vector2D A vector in the 2D plane.

Exception Summary
ColinearPoints2DException Exception thrown when the assumption of non colinearity is not respected.
NonInvertibleTransform2DException Exception thrown when trying to compute an inverse transform of a transform that does not allows this feature.
UnboundedBox2DException Exception thrown when an unbounded box is involved in an operation that assumes a bounded box.
UnboundedShape2DException Exception thrown when an unbounded shape is involved in an operation that assumes a bounded shape.

Package math.geom2d Description

Planar geometry toolbox.

The package contains definition of the Shape2D interface, and implementation of general purpose geometric objects like Point2D or AffineTransform2D.