Interface GeometricObject2D

All Known Subinterfaces:
Boundary2D, CircleLine2D, CircularShape2D, CirculinearBoundary2D, CirculinearContinuousCurve2D, CirculinearContour2D, CirculinearCurve2D, CirculinearCurveSet2D<T>, CirculinearDomain2D, CirculinearElement2D, CirculinearRing2D, CirculinearShape2D, Conic2D, ContinuousCurve2D, ContinuousOrientedCurve2D, Contour2D, Curve2D, CurveSet2D<T>, Domain2D, DomainSet2D<T>, EllipseArcShape2D, EllipseShape2D, LinearElement2D, LinearShape2D, OrientedCurve2D, PointSet2D, PointShape2D, Polygon2D, Shape2D, ShapeSet2D<T>, SmoothContour2D, SmoothCurve2D, SmoothOrientedCurve2D
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContinuousCurve2D, AbstractLine2D, AbstractSmoothCurve2D, AffineTransform2D, BoundaryPolyCirculinearCurve2D, BoundaryPolyCurve2D, Box2D, Circle2D, CircleArc2D, CirculinearContourArray2D, CirculinearCurveArray2D, ContourArray2D, CubicBezierCurve2D, CurveArray2D, DomainArray2D, Ellipse2D, EllipseArc2D, GenericCirculinearDomain2D, GenericCirculinearRing2D, GenericDomain2D, HRectangle2D, Hyperbola2D, HyperbolaBranch2D, HyperbolaBranchArc2D, InvertedRay2D, Line2D, LineArc2D, LinearCurve2D, LinearRing2D, LineSegment2D, MultiPolygon2D, Parabola2D, ParabolaArc2D, Point2D, PointArray2D, PolyCirculinearCurve2D, PolyCubicBezierCurve2D, PolyCurve2D, Polyline2D, PolyOrientedCurve2D, QuadBezierCurve2D, Ray2D, Rectangle2D, ShapeArray2D, SimplePolygon2D, StraightLine2D, Vector2D

public interface GeometricObject2D

Grouping interface for all objects operating on Euclidean plane. This includes shapes, boxes, transforms, vectors...


Method Summary
 boolean almostEquals(GeometricObject2D obj, double eps)
          Checks if the two objects are similar up to a given threshold value.

Method Detail


boolean almostEquals(GeometricObject2D obj,
                     double eps)
Checks if the two objects are similar up to a given threshold value. This method can be used to compare the results of geometric computations, that introduce errors due to numerical computations.

obj - the object to compare
eps - a threshold value, for example the minimal coordinate difference
true if both object have the same value up to the threshold